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Globalize Your Content in 3 Steps—Starting With Hong Kong. 🗺️

Recently, I asked a CEO if she had plans to reach business clients outside of the United States. She replied, "I have to get out of my own state first."

I'll be blunt... going global isn't something that has to break your budget. In fact, if you have access to Wi-Fi, then globality is within your reach. So let's talk about that.

One easier path to reaching global audiences is through global collaboration. That is, two or more global-minded businesses coming together to achieve a shared goal.

Here are three steps you can mimic to expand your authority and and connect your services to global audiences. I'll use Hong Kong as the focus of my tips and examples. Let's jump right in...

1. Create a series of LinkedIn posts or other creative content that features a business you're in relationship with. For example, you might create content that highlights best practices for nonprofit HR managers in another country.

[Find a nonprofit HR manger in your network who's outside of your geography. If your interest is to build better relationships in Hong Kong, try connecting with an HR manager in that part of the world.

Once you've made chosen your content-partner, simply message or email them a few questions to bring-out their expertise. Or, you can record an audio-call, or video. And there you go.]

2. Once the content is created, you can publish it across LinkedIn or other social media: including your website. It's an opportunity to give everyone involved long-term exposure. Not to mention, that content can be repurposed for eBooks, language localization, newsletters, or short how-to snippets for TikTok.

3. After your mini-campaign is complete, you can use it to target companies in Hong Kong. If your aim is to secure the attention of high-end HR firms, you can monitor social media for high-end firm engagement. And target those conversations with your campaign content.

Now you have credible, knowledge-based assets that can easily be deployed to stakeholders and target-audiences throughout Hong Kong. The result? You don't have to ask how to go global anymore... you're well on your way!

If you'd like to chat more about business globality, send me a message. I can help!