At age 3, my mom found me snooping in her dairy.🏃🏽‍♂️💨

There I was, caught rubbing my little fingers across the pages of her steno-pad. At the time, I thought my mom's cursive writing and squiggly loops were some form of Elvish writing or alien gibberish!

Nonetheless, on that day, the seed had been planted. That's when my love-affair with writing began. 

Glue, dinosaurs, and nonprofit grants 

In kindergarten, I didn't do normal stuff like take naps and drink milk. Instead, I spent most of my days cuddled in a corner reading National Geographic magazines and researching topics on volcanoes, dinosaurs, and solar-systems... and eating glue at the same time (multitasking at its finest).

As I grew older, I began volunteering at nonprofits. I got the chance to manage my first capital campaign. I used storytelling to reach investors to secure $3 Million of upfront investment dollars, in under 30 days! 

Not long after that experience, I enrolled in hospitality and culinary school. While in school, I worked at a local hotel. My job was to convert online complaints into digital happy faces. I became the best at it. That's how I learned to read digital body languages. That sparked my interest in helping businesses leverage digital body language insights and content to build better connections with their customers.

And like most stories you come across, a shift occurs. That's when things seemingly take a turn for the worst. Here's my rock-bottom experience.

The Dark Night... When Everything Changed

One night while working night shift at a hotel, an intruder forcibly entered my workspace and attacked me. I suffered a severe concussion. Interestingly, prior to that attack, I had been studying research on how food impact the human brain's ability to recover from traumatic injuries or stave off neurodegenerative diseases. That has to do with the studies of nutri-genomics and nutritional cognitive neuroscience. 

During a tumultuous recovery, I combined my school knowledge of food with my fascination of the human brain to help aid my recovery. In fact, I wrote my first publication on nutritional cognitive research and emotional wellness. It's release is set for this Winter.

Through that same experience, I learned how difficult it can be for patients to understand medical jargon. I soon began to ask, what's the point of having groundbreaking technology or life saving research if the people it's meant to help can't understand it nor trust it? 

My desire to change that dynamic led me to a career in helping companies develop operational and outreach strategies to inspire trust among skeptical audiences and make their products and services more accessible.